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Premiere: 'Girl Shit' by Lilly & the Lovebites

Like the sting of a venomous hickey, Lilly and the Lovebites are here to land a heavy shot of fresh punk straight to your jugular. As local label, Critter Records’ latest addition to their ever-expanding roster of exquisite artists, the Naarm-based quartet are a brand-new project formed from members of Tapdog, Muma Ganoush and a German-born ex-circus performer in that of frontwoman Lilly Lovebite. With the release of their debut track ‘Girl Shit’ just under a month on from Lovebite’s birth of her first child, the group might be the closest thing we’ve ever come to post-partum punk.

‘Girl Shit’ itself is a thumping opener delivered with raucous ferocity as Lovebite suspends any sense of a stereotype when announcing herself and the band; “I feel like a girl, but I’m no girly girl”. Repeatedly roaring the mantra, “I do what I want, get out of my head” the track’s staccato sections of reinforced rage offer an important insight into the internal war waged when overcoming the influence of others and the world around us to live life as only one should, of your own accord.

With rumbling basslines paired against an up-tempo kick-snare combo, overdriven guitars perfectly impart an extra elevated sense of urgency and angst throughout the track. Recorded in what would be considered the true DIY fashion of modern times, the band opted to use their four mobile phones to capture every element of raw energy. The recording feels, like the thematic content, an honest offering of an intrinsically colourful punk aesthetic the band will no doubt engender throughout their first steps onto the stage.

‘Girl Shit’ is available on Bandcamp TODAY and speaking of first steps onto the stage, Lilly and the Lovebites with make their inaugural appearance in a live setting at Old Bar on Wednesday 31st August supporting Daddy Issues and Witch Spit (ADL/ Kaurna Country)!


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