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Premiere: 'Come Down for Air' by Solar Wax

Recent additions to the Side Stare family, local quintet Solar Wax are on the precipice of their maiden self-titled EP. Forming over lockdown, Tyler Lunn and co. have since been unleashing their rootsy brand of rock upon unsuspecting audiences, flooring those in attendance by perfecting a groove that still has its guts. We are delighted here at HUM to premiere the very first taste of their recorded quaddie, ‘Come Down for Air’.

Bellowing out of the gates in operatic fashion, the single pulls few punches from the offing with a raucous chorus to open the track. The polarity between these ethereal emotional outbursts and the more tempered permutations of each verse creates an unassailable catharsis each time the band comes into its full compliment. Beautifully balanced by Aiden Bateman behind the desk, there’s nothing lost amid the clash of cymbals, illuminating harmonies and garage gain of the guitars.

(photos by @estherlinder_)

The first track to be recorded and jammed out by the group, themes surrounding adjustment and adaptability to change underpin the tone of the track. There’s a desperation conveyed in the composition of one stuck in a stalemate while frantically trying to push forward. Much like the track’s title and chorus call, the paralysing anxiety that can accompany an attempt at something new can often feel like an oxymoron in itself. The only resolving factor in the feat is the ubiquitous sense that everyone reaches the point where they’re gasping for air, “I’ll meet you down there”.

Artwork by @meatclockobrien

Mere months away from the four-track EP, Solar Wax are primed for launch shows through Naarm and Regional Victoria. Both of these experiences are to be missed at your PERIL!


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