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Premiere: 'Spoon Full A Hunni' by Big Soap

It’s been a while between supergroups but the new crew, Big Soap are here to fill the void. Combining members from the likes of Wybie, Dannika, The Teskey Brothers, and Bumpy, this instrumental funk 4-piece has scrubbed up phenomenally with it’s debut soulful slow-burner, ‘Spoon Full A Hunni’.

Tipping their hat to the likes of Isaac Hayes and Booker T, Big Soap’s first outing bears the “warmth of a vintage hug from grandma” thanks to it’s reel-to-reel recording and lush instrumentation. Not far from Khruangbin’s best either, ‘Spoon Full A Hunni’ combines wah-inflected chords, colourful percussive flourishes and fuzzed-up lead licks for a sublime first single.

A cool and composed temper early on, Big Soap’s chorus transitions melt in your mouth with arpeggios that blossom at their close. A slinky bassline through the bridge precedes a progressive pick-up in pace before harmonic and lead guitars glisten in a satisfyingly serene climax.

With ‘Spoon Full A Hunni’ out today, Big Soap join The Seven Ups and Karate Boogaloo as yet another strong addition to the Melbourne funk n soul scene. Catch ‘em at a bath near you soon!


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