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LIVE PREMIERE: 'Chatterbox' by MAXI

We had the chance to sit down with MAXI (Max Igra) for a live performance of his new single 'Chatterbox.' As of today, 'Chatterbox' can be found on all streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music.

A melancholic merry-go-round of the heart, 'Chatterbox' is awash with silky smooth vocals, perfectly poignant lyrics and criminally crisp production value, courtesy of Tram Cops’ main man and friend, Michael Moin. The track title 'Chatterbox' was inspired by Susan Jeffers’ book Feel the Fear and do it anyway. Jeffers defines the chatterbox as the unwarranted voice inside of your head, ever critical.

For Max, the writing process began in the peak of Australian summer and was completed after a pilgrimage home to Canada during the remainder of their winter. This trans-seasonality comes through via Max’s sweltering serenade and the track’s ice-cold undertones. Despite being a song written from a place of loss, Max states that the composition 'Chatterbox' signposts the first step in his "journey for the reparation of the soul.”

A culmination of Max’s inner turmoil turned musical mastery, 'Chatterbox' is highly relatable and highly playable. This track acts as the perfect isolation soundtrack for both those midday breakfasts and early afternoon quarantini’s. And listens alike to quarantini’s, one is never enough.

listen to his new single 'Chatterbox' on Spotify below.


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