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Live at HUM: The Sunken Sea

On Thursday 27th of February, HUM threw our maiden LIVE AT HUM gig! Showcasing some of our favourite friends and artists at The Evelyn, we/ MAXI recorded each and every minute of these sets to release as a series of live sets for your listening pleasure. It was also a very elaborate guise under which to throw a bit of a shindig.

Commanding the stage was Inform The Cube, Lunata, The Sunken Sea and The Stained Daisies. All exuding strident performances, each set coloured the night with a different light and style that captivated all present.

Offstage, other artforms were also represented. Photography, sketches, drawings and zines were all on offer to supplement the soundtrack. Another friend present from the HUM family was artist CAP. Critical in contributing illustrations for the LIVE AT HUM series, she was also on-hand sketching live drawings as bands played. Punters will recall her presence to the side of stage, encircled by candles with endless papers falling to her feet as she conjured up magical moments before passing the sketchbook around for everyone to have a crack at.

Pictured: writer nick drawing with the support of CAP

As of today, we are also pleased to announce the first live set we’ve selected to distribute is that of alt-jazz stalwarts The Sunken Sea. Towering above the microphone stand, frontman/ bassist Dougal James and co. delivered a standout performance that cascaded through their soulful brand of experimental indie sounds. Cling To raced straight out of the box with Hannah McKittrick’s soft synths and Lucas Wilson Harrison’s keys texturing the soaring ballad. Old favourites like Rattle The Cage were also on offer before James moved to the keys for a stirring performance of Blame which had jaws on the floor when Cian Bennet and Lucas Wilson-Harrison of the horn section blew everyone away. With their long-awaited debut EP ‘Bones and String’ out only one fortnight ago, it was another delight to hear the title track ahead of its release. Matt Si and Ben Flemings combined guitar and drumming conclusive climax launched it high into the stratosphere. Their set was one etched in emotion and class and one we know you’ll enjoy revisiting.

Liam, Jack, Greg, Ivy, Max and I were all gobsmacked at the amazing turnout and wanted to extend our deepest thanks to everyone who came and especially to each of the artists that graced us with their performances. We would also like to thank The Evelyn for hosting us and, if you have the ability to, please donate to Support Act to assist workers, artists and venues within the industry affected by the current climate. These sets will all be available on Bandcamp where all the money will go straight into the artists hands.

We hope this series will help provide listeners with something sweet to cuddle up to in these difficult times.


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