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Premiere: Genuine Fake Single and Video Release, ‘Bloodhound Elite’

Since first catching our attention playing Stargazed Records Festival’s Opening Night at Kindred Studios back in 2021, Genuine Fake have been prepping for a big back half of this year with the impending release of their second LP, ‘Blue Steps’.

Building off their impeccable musicianship and dynamic new wave ballads, the quintet’s latest taste from their fresh long-player, ‘Bloodhound Elite’ comes fully stocked with a video of the band’s performance at The Retreat.

A more downtempo electronic arrangement, ‘Bloodhound Elite’ is an unmistakably moody lean into their Moroder influences. Spacey and ethereal via synth strings and an unnerving guitar arpeggiation, the juicy bassline acts as a colourful and creative anchor. The vocoded vocals, somewhat of a staple for GF’s recorded catalogue, drive a melody beaming with brightness before diving deep upon the song’s transition into a sublimely eerie soundscape.

This transition befits the thematic content with the track assimilating the bourgeoise or those who “live without a ruling hand to crush your desperate demands” with vampires whose teeth are “dripping with the blood of children”. It’s dark, deep and direct in a way that slowly seeps into an aesthetic of aural horror that wouldn’t feel out of place on a Stranger Things compilation.

With the album launch only a week away at The Worker’s Club, we’re froffing to hear the whole thing in its resplendent glory.

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