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VIDEO PREMIERE: 'Econ Sopro' by Worker & Parasite

Ever since HUM last caught up with Worker and Parasite, The Ministry for Social Cohesion has unleashed their artistic arm onto the masses for several sanctioned and stirring live performances. Witnessing the political post-punks and their danceable anti-anthemic punk in the flesh enforces the power of the bureau and band. However, with an election underway and the potential pall of faux-democratic ideals whirring around the mainstream media, there’s no better time than now for the quintet’s latest single, ECON SOPRO!

On their fourth single, WAP are quadrupling down on every anti-establishment ideal they’ve thus far sung about, this time sharpening their sights on a more specific section of society. Taking aim at smooth posers, ‘ECON SORPO’, is a direct attack against the “aspirational class” that proselytises for the false hope provided by NGO’s, the GDP and so-called realists while refuting any reworking of the overarching capitalist class. As their briefing states; “The only route to the WHOLESALE LIBERATION of the WORKERS OF THE WORLD is REVOLUTION”.

Conveyed with one of their poppier arrangements, ECON SOPRO leans into the thematic satirisation of those who inform, “What I say has more meaning than my actions”. Melding this with rose-coloured arrangements of pop rock, replete with WAP’s idiosyncratic chorus-driven distorted guitars and textured synthesisers, there’s moments of shoegaze sojourn where these characters query whether they really could be wrong while their hearts bleed for the masses. The penultimate punch comes in the truth telling fact that you’ll be voting for the fascists if adhering to these ideals.

Much like bystanders for bullies, the aspirational actors of society are more dangerous than the enemies obviously marked.

Go check out the brilliant clip for the track below!


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