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PREMIERE: ‘Sad To See You Go’ by SUNEDEN

While it feels like an aeon ago, it was only in April of last year that we first met Eden Lee and Sunny Thapo to chat about their widely adored soulful psych-funk project, Suneden. Having opened their recording account with the 13-minute explorative odyssey, ‘Sampana Ko Samaya’, the duo is back with a brand-new track that dives headfirst into some impeccably frenetic psychedelic funk.

Illustrating the duo’s symbiosis of intuitive musicality and captivating emotivity, ‘Sad To See You Go’ epitomises the infectious energy of 60’s-70’s blues, funk and soul. Wah-driven guitars shredding over tight, yet dynamic drumming and saxophone licks aplenty creates an absolute aural party of instrumentation. With some downtempo detours that sidle into strut-worthy sequences, there’s a reverence given to the style and substance of what made music from that era so vibrant.

Where ‘Samapana Ko Samaya’ reflected the duo’s journey and the changes experienced in moving between Melbourne and Nepal, ‘Sad To See You Go’ offers a more fiery form of catharsis. As Lee colourfully croons with the power of local soul stalwart Chelsea Wilson about being fed up with putting life on hold for otherwise insignificant anchors, Thapa preaches in each chorus to “roll on for some love”. With respect to the story behind Suneden, the song still evokes the duo’s mantra regarding the positive potential in taking a chance rather than rolling through life’s monotony.

Recorded with the assistance of Aiden Bateman behind the desk and drummer Brad Dadson, who also holds down the kit with Suneden’s live performing outfit The Seg Street Jam, the most invigorating aspect of this single is the glimpse it gives you into the electric aura present when the band are playing live. It only has the ability to further enthuse friends, fans and listeners for the ensuing long player still to come, which a little birdy known as “Bartos” has told me is absolutely killer.


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