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The Stained Daisies talks their new single "Open Mind"

Since the release of their 2014 self-titled debut EP, Grafton-turned-Melbourne 4-piece The Stained Daisies have released a slew of singles culminating in today’s fresh release Open Mind. Speaking to us among the cigarette-hewn garden of The Retreat in Brunswick, it would appear these alt psych-rockers feel right at home in their adopted surroundings.

Born from the union between guitarists/ vocalists Jayden Hebbard and Dan Tuite’s chance meeting at an open mic in Grafton NSW, the Daisies didn’t take long to procure some potent material. “As soon as we deemed it a band we hooked in pretty hard” tells Hebbard. It wasn’t long before they had an EP under their belt and took their country and blues-infused rock on the road. “We started going up and down the east coast. We did a lot of K’s for a couple of years”.

As the band grew serious, the travel became burdensome, leading to a big decision being made. “We couldn’t push it any further (in Grafton)” says bassist Jack Davison. “The lockout laws were shitting on the industry in Sydney and so we decided to move down here”. The move not only garnered more opportunities but was a catalyst for their collective song writing process. “We never really lived together and now that we do we have a dedicated jam room where we can just sort of get in there and progress. Progression has definitely come from spending a lot of time together, living in each other’s pockets”.

Together with All They Want and Try to Relax

Open Mind rounds out this trifecta of singles releases as a yardstick reflecting their rock roots, and evolution since. “They were just the clearest image of what we’re doin’ at the moment” says Tuite. In contrast to their debut material, Open Mind adds newfound psych and funk elements along with some soulful backing vocals. And while there’s a meticulous attention to sonic detail, the lyricism regarding one particularly annoying character appears to be far more spontaneous; “Because it was written together it was hard to sit down and write serious lyrics. It’s much easier to throw some BS around, try and dance around a serious topic”.

Since moving south, the band have also entrenched themselves in the indie collective, Side Stare Music. “It’s a collective of our friends and our bands and we all sorta help one another out”. The Label, founded by Mitch Peters of Tug, plays home to The Pretty Littles and Indigo Children among others. This network of multitalented artists assist and influence each other with the admin, distribution and creative sides of music. “It’s really nice, our community of friends have different skills and abilities and we all just chip in and help each other out”.

Having hit some staple venues locally, regionally and interstate, The Daisies find just as much solace when returning to where it all started. “We played a few gigs back in our hometown which was pretty funny. We bought a heap of our Melbourne mates to play and hang out and the venue had no air-con on a 40-degree day. Everyone was just getting naked and it was just like woah”.

With the prospect of recording a full album on the cards for 2019, the band are as tight-knit and focused as ever. This should come as no surprise, however, with what followed after landing on a band name; “We had a gig one time and they were razzin’ us to give ‘em a name for the set. We were in the backyard of Dan’s parent’s place and Dan’s Mum was gardening then Ruben (our old drummer) was like…. ‘The Stained Daises’. Now we’ve all got daisy tatts”.

The Stained Daisies will be playing a FREE single launch at the Penny Black tonight with The Easy Browns and Barefoot Bowls Club. ​

Check out their new single Open Mind below via Soundcloud.


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