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TRACK FEATURE: 'Scared of Blood' by Precision Auto

There is always a sense of excitement when music veterans come together and make something new. Newly formed Melbourne based band, Precision Auto, is a collaboration between Evan Purdey (Gold Glass), Anna Stein (Würst Nürse), Nigel Moyes (Jim Lawrie) and Liz Thomas (Ouch My Face). Scared of Blood is their second single released from their upcoming debut album, Everyday Spiders, outlines that in the face of impending disintegration of what is around us, someone might be around to guide us through.

The track depicts the uncertainty we feel in the face of our eroding social structures. It takes us through the initial fears of hopelessness and despondency that comes with that immediate confrontation. It unveils a sense of elation, describing the relief and reassurance felt when somebody that might comfort those around them and that inevitably, there will be someone left to gather all the broken pieces. There is the thought that they may not be the best person to salvage that wreckage; however they are the person who is willing.

Evocative of bands such as Cable Ties, Scared of Blood has a fantastic energy from beginning to end, with tight melodic guitar fills and a gentle cadence that creates dynamic layering throughout the track. The song has a clever build by having the backing vocals emphasising the chorus, creating a sense of warmth and reprieve. It becomes more layered and intentionally chaotic, cementing the sense of apprehension of those there to guide us through, however ends feeling unresolved, but not completely uncomfortable, perfectly fitting with the tone of the lyrics and feelings they are addressing.

This track follows their first single, Trapdoor Spider, a jarring and thought provoking song that outlines the tragedy of being robbed of a dignified death. Both singles are off their upcoming album, Everyday Spiders, coming out later this year. The album was recorded over 4 days in an independent Melbourne studio with Nick Finch (Cash Savage) and Brodie Brümmer (Flyying Colours). The band emphasised on keeping an organic sound and translating the dynamic live sound that they have developed into their recordings.

Their first two singles are now available on the bands Spotify and Bandcamp.


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