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TRACK FEATURE: 'If I Never Make a Profit' by The Nylex Factory

'If I never made a profit' is the newest track from Melbourne Electro Rap artist The Nylex Factory, Better know as their artist alter ego Millkman, this is the first track where their voice makes an appearance. Featuring a growling bass alongside euphoric synths, a dirty kick drum and the highest of hi hats, awashed with the brutally honest lyrics, it will have you dancing whilst plotting to join a hippie commune to get out of this capitalist society that favours money over lives.

Channeling Death Grips and drawing on influence from punk, techno and rap, it provides the perfect backdrop for Millkman to wail the most relatable lyrics; “if I never made a profit in my fucking life, would you put in the corner just to fucking die?” mirroring the sentiment we feel when once again Australia is faced with jobseeker and uni cuts in the midst of a pandemic. Millkman further digs into our ego when crying out “Yeah I’m getting pretty close to 25”, referring to the weird ageist ideals we have as a society that we need to achieve some grand plans by 25.

The roaring bass moving throughout the track induces the stankiest bass face, the swirling hi hats aggressively swaying left to right and the kick drum punching through your body to stomp your feet through the nonexistent mosh pit. With a steady rise that peaks within the last few rounds of the hook, it provides the final release within the world Millkman has created, before we can wallow in our sorrows once again in the last round before the 3 minutes is up.

The alluring artwork that accompanies the track was also created by Angela McGinness, which features a muted colour palette with two figures peering at each other through a hole in a wall, yet we don’t know which one is on the wrong side. This could further portray the phenomenon of how both sides of an argument, or movement, believe they are on the correct side and the other side should jump over.

Above all, this carefully crafted track will move you in more ways than one! I’m blasting this one on the road trip with all my (almost 25) pals to the commune to escape this capitalist mess, now that we can leave the 25km radius.


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