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PREMIERE: 'Rock Song' by The Pinstripes

Hot on the heels of their dazzling debut EP, Fish On Land local alt-garage trio, The Pinstripes are back with a brand new track. When we sat down to meet the band back in April, it was clear they’d already commenced work on a follow-up EP where song writing had become “a more evenly distributed process”. Evoking all the personality and panache of a crew truly combining for their most melodiously meta outing yet, ‘Rock Song’ is a sign of strong things to come.

Instead of hiding the absurdist ideas that often fly around a rehearsal space of any band, The Pinstripes have instead leant into them here on ‘Rock Song’. Frontwoman Hettie Zygier is operating on a stream of consciousness level in opening the track by stating, “We need another song, it doesn’t have to be too long”. Breaking further fourth walls in narrating the progression of the track from verse to “good part” before introducing each member in the song’s second passage, there’s a warmth pervading the track that offers a glimpse into the relationship of the three mates.

Where the thematic content might seem tongue-in-cheek, the cohesive and concise arrangement of crunchy guitar chords over a modulating bassline aptly reinforces the intent behind capturing something like that of a jam-session at The Pinstripe’s practice space. Through Sunny Brearly’s dynamic drumming and some magical harmonies between Zygier and bassist Bella Persano, the trio transform what may once have been a creative exercise into a fully formed punk hit.

While shows for The Pinstripes have been tempered recently with Zygier away on holidays, this new single means we’ve got something to tide use over before their undoubtedly imminent return to the stage. Similarly so, that sophomore EP might be closer than we all think.


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