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PREMIERE: 'Teenage Rage' by The Dadsons

Brad Dadson is a multi-instrumentalist bedroom psych aficionado performing under the alias of The Dadsons. Also a producer and engineer, he exudes complete control over the records he’s churned out over the last 3 years with a tenacity and diversity that bears semblance to King Gizz. Today we have the pleasure of premiering his 4th effort Teenage Rage to help rescue you from self-isolation monotony.

Recorded sporadically over 2018-19, Teenage Rage channels more funk into his psych repertoire seen on his 2019 self-titled album. Oozing with a foundation of smooth and groovy dreamscapes, Dadson’s latest effort continues to mix inflections of blues and synth-heavy sounds like a mad scientist, reflecting the countless strings to his musical bow.

Opener ‘Another Bloody Monday’ cuts straight to the funk with wah-heavy guitars whilst ‘Sleepy Man’ feels entrenched in 60’s shoegaze psych before the two genres marry on ‘Take My Picture’, cascading with phased drums and a plucky bassline. 

The strong vocal performance from 2019’s The Void pervades this record also, as seen on the soulful stoner blues ballad, ‘Momma’. The title track opens with more of a slinky bop before descending into a funk freak-out that’s heavy on the rhythm section. Its progressive dissipation leaves only a faint synth pulse that undergoes an exomorphic transformation into an apocalyptic 80s bass sample. 

Sandy Alex G appears to inspire the chilled acoustic strums and wandering slide lead licks of ‘Maybe Only You’. Ending in an ambient collection of orchestral bells and pouring rain, it allows ‘Bounty Hunter’ to close with confidence, the assertive guitar riff sitting you on your ass before the arrival of drums and bass proceeds to blow your socks off. 

A colourful amalgam of synthesised and organic sounds that traverses faithful infusions of funk, blues and rock, The Dadsons latest record combines dreamy, hypnotic soundscapes with danceable funk voyages. It’s a venture that lulls you into a removed sense of reality, conveying feelings of both a drunken boogie on the dance floor and the lazy Sunday hangover. Remember those good old days? The Dadsons will take you there.

‘Teenage Rage’ is available on Bandcamp, click below to listen.


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