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PREMIERE: 'If Only (feat. Charm of Finches)' by Cian Bennet

Sometimes, the best way to open someone’s mind is to embrace their kindness. An endeavour for Cian Bennet, featuring Charm of Finches, If Only is an optimistic track about holding out a hand to those living in a lustreless world, hoping to reveal some of the colour and brilliance of what is around them; a world filled with love and acceptance. This is Cian Bennet’s second single, a follow up to Wanderer, released through HUM Records at the end of last year.

This is a new adventure for Cian. After being an integral part of a well-loved Melbourne band, The Sunken Sea, he started to take confident strides in his own song writing abilities, drawing upon the folk and acoustic influences that he was exposed to in his earlier life. A filmmaker as well, it’s clear that Bennet has a unique way in how he writes, guiding us with uncomplicated melodies and harmonies, allowing our imagination to run wild, while the lyrics share his story in full vivid colour.

Pictured: Cian Bennet & Charm of Finches

Charm of Finches, amplify Bennet’s song writing, creating a wistful and melancholic folk sound that enhances the track. The Melbourne-based sibling duo, Mabel and Ivy Windred-Wornes bring light, glistening harmonies. The collaboration brings us a track that marries their influences and their solemn experiences, and although the song is a ray of sunshine, bombarding us with upbeat melodies and abundantly positive lyrics, it is glimmering with hope. The clean and simple harmonies are like a warming embrace, adding to the lyrics penned by both Bennet and Charm of Finches.

If Only is about finding a connection between people, helping them see a different perspective and embrace the world around them. It could be someone dear to you, a friend or a loved one, closing their eyes to the good things around them, jaded by the hurt and pain they have experienced. It might be someone with a conflicting opinion, blindsided and failing to see multiple perspectives on the issue. Either way, it’s about holding out a hand, gently taking off the blinders, guiding them and opening them up to the world. It’s an important stance to have, as we see an increase of differing opinions being met with rage and frustration, failing to mollify any tension between the juxtaposing sides. The track also chronicles the frustration you feel when someone doesn’t perceive what is around you in the same way that you do, the people who bury their heads in the sand and keep digging deeper.

'If Only' launches on the 12th of February on all streaming platforms and Bandcamp via HUM Records. The track is also a teaser of what’s to come from Cian Bennet, with his debut album set to be released later this year!

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