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live at hum

On Thursday 27th of February 2020, the HUM team threw our first gig ever to try and properly start our new project called Live at HUM! Showcasing some of our favourite friends and artists at The Evelyn, which we recorded each and every minute of to release as a series of live albums for free.

We are pleased to present the second live set selected from the night is that of local alt-rockers The Stained Daisies. We were absolutely honoured that the band who had been there with us right from the start as one of our very first interviews was able to step onto the stage and absolutely rip the roof off the Ev! More than anything they've become strong mates and that makes this a real pleasure to present this sweet set that's sure to whet everyone's appetite for more!


Keep your eyes peeled for future HUM gigs and live releases as they're all in the oven as we speak!

released August 20, 2021

Aidan Bateman: Drums, Vocals
Daniel Tuite: Guitar, Vocals
Jack Davison: Bass, Vocals
Jayden Hebbard: Guitar, Vocals

Recording and mix by Max Igra

Illustration art by Charlie A. Paino (@picapsso)
Cover Photography by Ivy Emily (@domestictrashbag)

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