Cian Bennet

Cian Bennet’s debut LP represents a first on many fronts. As a filmmaker and an experienced trumpet player in the phenomenal local outfit The Sunken Sea, Wanderer is Bennet’s first fully-fledged recording effort and HUM Records maiden artist signing.

Penned over the course of 12 months following the fallout of a long-term relationship, this deeply personal collection of contemporary folk/ pop ballads helped Bennet process his problems and validate the internal insecurities regarding his musicianship.


Matt Si: guitar
Zac Barter: drums
Indyana Kippin: viola, vocals
Astrid Macfarlane: vocals
Mabel Windred-Wornes: cello, vocals
Dougal James: vocals, bass, synth
Finn Bennet: vocals, guitar, uke, mandolin
Ivy Windred-Wornes: vocals, banjo
Cian Bennet: vocals, piano, horns, guitar

If Only: Co-written by Mabel Windred-Wornes and Cian Bennet

Mixing: Cian Bennet
Mastering: Finn Bennet
Artwork: Jessie Pittard
Artwork text: Ariel Skippen
Press Shots: Martin Bennet