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Hot Dog
Magic Mustard

Originating as a recording project for Nick Crameri’s lo-fi musings, Hot Dog is back with a tasty new EP. 3 years on from his homemade debut, ‘Magic Mustard’ is inspired by lost love, the gigs gone to and the experiences felt from making your way through the awkward phase of
adulting where more mature folk frown upon these things, all while it mixes tasty morsels of post-punk with Crameri’s penchant for jangly guitar alt-pop.

For anyone that’s struggled with confronting failed housemate applicants, conforming to societal pressure and being scorned by those who settle for the standard, Magic Mustard is here for you to add to whatever microwaveable edible goods you’re consuming.


All songs written and Performed by Nick Crameri aka the Hot Dog, except for these lovely people.

Bonnie Spain: Backing Vocals on 'Rejected Housemate'
Sam Bennett: Bass on 'Rejected Housemate'
Charlie Manuell: Drums on 'Rejected Housemate'
Impi Tarjavaara: Audio Engineer / Producer / Mix / Backing vocals on 'Colour in Your Life'

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